Back to the Drawing Board …


Once more, I find myself erasing what I originally dreamed up. Some people enjoy mediocrity. Some people nothing they create will ever be good enough.

This obsession and need to be striving for perfection is driving me nuts. To each their own but this

I want to slow down, not run like a Tailspin or something

One of the aspects of blogging that I probably enjoy the most is creating the blog. Fun with templates.

I have created (and forgotten e-mail addresses ) to feed my need.

Of course, after repeated failure to keep a darn blog, in vain, I didn’t quit but was giving it the cold shoulder.

I have sulked and pouted long enough and after a small gathering at my place, this girl convinced me to get Snapchat. I told her I really do not need ANOTHER silly reason to be glued to my $#&@#@$ phone.

So I will go back ONE MORE TIME and attempt to keep a fun, interesting blog.

Let’s hope I stay motivated enough to keep going.

Another thing I pledge to doing from now on: I am a comedian. I am a writer. No more of these pushover descriptions that almost sound apologetic. I am talented and I have a lot to offer that has yet to be seen.

I’m not saying I am the best in the world at anything (I don’t dwell on stuff that boggles me)

I’m just among a creative group of people able to create on their own.

Not that I am not receptive, I am almost to a flaw.

Not everything a writer writes has to be brilliant or good, all writing is an interpretation of life and sometimes, life is less than extraordinary, sometimes it’s just plain and boring with not much to report but what you had for breakfast. For lunch and for dinner. Our Insta / Faces / Tweets are full of it!!!

“Hello Hello; Just dropping in to say “Hello” forces you to smile. Once again the writing.

Also I.think subconsciously I was comparing my blog to others and felt it was lame.

I have since adjusted my self-awareness and well, the rest remains to be seen!

In a way, writing provides the most sane and logical way to create our own versions of Neverland and escape to better horizons in the far reaches of our inspiration and imagination.

I hope I don’t stop writing again, I was miserable when I did. Something is missing when I don’t write, something is off and I feel lame.

When I write, there’s that “There you go!!” finger-snapping moment that lights up my face and reminds me of what I should never forget.