Neverland as a State of Mind


For a while now I have struggled with the concept of growing up. Or adulting to quote the trendy way to describe becoming a responsible adult.

I have grown to understand and accept that it just isn’t for me and I’m fine with it because I make it work for myself.

For years, more specifically my entire 20s were spent confused, intoxicated and guilt-ridden playing up ideas of what, where, who I thought I should be and seeking validation from literally anyone and everyone. I was way too sensitive and while I had a clear idea of what I wanted or even knew and liked the true me, I never had the guts to truly put myself out there.

It takes a while before you figure out who you are and “own it”, proudly letting the world show all of you and say “Yeah, that’s who I am. Deal with it or don’t. I can’t change what you’ll think of me.”

Also, I find that a major part of being a grown-up involves being able to fend for yourself and have maturity gained through wisdom acquired from pitfalls and mistakes that taught you to know better.